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Caring for the Environment

Our Views

At Sedona Hiking Adventures we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment. As guides, educators, and simply someone who lives, works, and plays here among Sedona’s beautiful red rocks, we support several environmental causes.

As stewards to recreating among the natural beauty surrounding Sedona, Arizona, and the American southwest we have partnered with Tread Lightly, Inc. to help promote their ideology with respect to minimal environmental impact while out on the trails. It is of utmost importance that while out on the trails that you respect the environment, which includes the plants, trees, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and everything out there in nature. It is all very important; even the smallest of creatures or the largest of trees. Even what most people look as simply dirt, is something so much more complex. So while out on the trails, please make sure you stay on them. For there is a biological soil crust here in Sedona that is very delicate and should not be trampled on. For more information about this delicate part of our ecosystem you can visit USGS Canyonlands Research Station.

Wildflowers in Spring at Airport Mesa
As part of our commitment to the local environment, we are also members of Friends of the Forest, Inc. Sedona. As a firm believer of protecting the environment and maintaining the unique ecosystems that abound Sedona, along with vast array of trails, we support Friends of the Forest. It’s not simply about enjoying the red rocks today, but preserving them for tomorrow and future generations to enjoy. Friends of the Forest does just that by partnering with the United States Forest Service to aid them in trail maintenance, increasing educational awareness, and simply making it easier and more enjoyable for visitors to Sedona to enjoy their red rock experience.

As firm believers in protecting the environment, now and in the future, we are proud members of Sedona Recycles. It’s simply not good enough to think about only today, when with just a little effort we can help shape a the future for a better tomorrow. Recycling is easy and it’s just a real simple way to help protect our Mother Earth. Each small bit that gets recycled and doesn’t make it’s way into a landfill, is one step closer to a cleaner planet. Sedona Recycles is a fantastic organization that has been recycling our waste since 1989. As members of the Sedona community we are happy to support the work that they do, not just as a recycling organization, but also as an employer to many fine folks in our community, many of which volunteer their time to keep Sedona Recycles going.

north wilson mountain trail
Alligator junipers atop first bench of wilson mtn

I feel like I must mention these things, even though to me it is just common sense.

  • Please don’t litter.
  • Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.
  • Pack it in. Pack it out.
  • Stay on the trails. Going off the trails disturbs a complex micro-ecosystem that is present all around that looks like just dirt, but is so much more than that.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to kiss the red rocks or hug a tree, it is ok. We do it all the time.

Responsible Sedona Hiking

Responsible Sedona Camping

Responsible Sedona Four Wheeling

Thunder Mtn & Chimney Rock from Airport Mesa
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Sedona Recycles
Don't Bust The Crust

Friends of the Forest, Inc. Sedona

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