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Welcome to Sedona Hiking Adventures

Sedona, AZ – Land of the Red Rocks
elevation 4,200'

Sedona Hiking Adventures is your premier guide for recreational opportunities in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. All our tours stand out from the rest in every aspect.

We offer a diverse line of tours that are only limited by your imagination. If you have an idea of what you wish to see and do, we will create a unique tour just for you. Although our name is Sedona Hiking Adventures, many of our adventures take you all across the state or even to neighboring states. Hiking is just the beginning of what you can do. For what we offer is the complete package of endless recreational opportunities.

 Our specialty tours include:

  • Sedona Scenic On Road Tours
  • Sedona Vortex Tours
  • Sunrise & Sunset Excursions
  • Creekside Picnics
  • Wine Country Sampling
  • Full Moon Expeditions
  • Full Day Northern Arizona Scenic Tours
  • Ancient Indian Pueblos & Cliff Dwellings
  • Petroglyph & Pictograph Sites
  • Jerome Copper Mining Adventures
  • Day Tours to Jerome, Prescott, and Williams
  • Grand Canyon Day Tours – Ground or Air
  • Camping at Havasu Falls
  • Sunset Crater & Walnut Canyon
  • The Petrified Forest & The Painted Desert
  • Multi-day Tours to Zion & Bryce Canyons
  • Wildlife Viewing Tours

The beautiful red rocks that surround Sedona remind many of a time when cowboys and Indians inhabited the west. Sedona was home to many western movies back in the 1940’s through the 1960’s. Although most of the cowboys have long since gone, the remnants of Indians still remain. One of our specialties is tours to Arizona and New Mexico’s many ruin and petroglyphs sites.

Arizona is a unique and special place with diverse ecosystems from one area of the state to another. This being the case, there is just an array of things you may do from season to season based on where you wish to vacation. You choose when you are visiting the area and we will plan your adventure—showing you all the best things to see based when you are here.

Sedona is conveniently nestled in northern Arizona, between Phoenix, Flagstaff and The Grand Canyon.  Surrounded by red rock bluffs and canyons galore, there are majestic view 360 degrees from everywhere in Sedona. The town sits on the southern edge of the Mogollion Rim in an area known as the high desert or elevated desert; with an elevation ranging between 4,000 and of 4,500 feet. The town of Sedona only encompasses 19 square miles and our population is roughly 12,500. It is surrounded in all directions by pristine national forest, which affords many fantastic recreational opportunities in terms of hiking, 4x4ing, swimming, camping, and much more.

Where it lacks in people, it makes up in endless majestic vistas and outdoor opportunities. The cool and serene waters of Oak Creek meander through town providing a verdant greenbelt to compliment the red desert landscape.  There are many other area rivers and creeks that provide for spectacular spots to enjoy a hot summer day.

Sedona Hiking Adventures offers something for everyone.  Whatever your interests and capabilities we will gear a Sedona Hiking Adventure just for you. Our main goal is to help you enjoy and explore Sedona in all its glory.

We also offer multi-day backpacking/camping adventures that immerse you in the backcountry that few have a chance to ever experience. For those interested in several types of outdoor adventures, we offer multi-sport expeditions. All tours are personalized to meet your individual expectations, desires, and capabilities.

Simply put, our adventures are endless and are only limited by your imagination. No two adventures are ever the same! Simply call us toll free at (866) 445-3732 or send us an email and we will be happy to plan your adventure of a lifetime. We encourage you to visit our “Testimonials” page to see what previous clients have had to say about our tours.

"What to say about an experience that words can not describe. I made it to San Diego the following afternoon, for a nice long nap on the beach; dreaming of red rocks & a full moon. I can not Thank Jim & Summit enough for a once in a life time experience. The more I think back on that day, the more I realize just how magnificent & thrilling it was. I'm forever greatful."Karin, Daubitz, Nyack, New York
Sedona Arizona view
Boyton Canyon
  • All are personalized to meet your individual interests. What this means to you is that we create our tours based on all that you want to do. After discussing your interests and what you wish to see and do while in Sedona, we will customize every detail of the tour to not only meet your interests, but exceed your expectations. We never group multiple clients together on the same adventure tour.
  • All tours include water, Vitamin Water, Gatorade, and other beverages are available upon request. We also provide you an assortment of snacks to keep you energized while out on your adventure.
  • With believe strongly in environmentalism and eco-friendly business practices. As an ongoing effort to protect our natural landscape, while at the same time encouraging recreation in the national forest, we educate clients to the principles of “Tread Lightly”  and “Leave No Trace” ethics.
  • We are the only tour company in town that allows children 15 and under to go free on all day tours. We understand that vacationing with a large family can be expensive, so this is just our way of cutting your costs while on vacation and still enabling you to do and see what you want to do.
  • If you are coming to Sedona with your dogs, you may take them on any of our tours at no additional charge. We are a dog friendly tour company. If you happened to have left your dog at home, then Summit, Sedona Hiking Adventures’ guide dog will be happy to join you in your adventure.
  • Tours four hours or longer include lunch. Lunch can be as simple as deli sandwich or can be as elaborate as a gourmet cheese platter with fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries.
  • We take photos of your adventure on every tour, which we provide to you for free. You may download photos from your adventure via our website. Also, we will be happy to send you a DVD with the photos from your adventure, again at no charge.
dry creek area

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